Friday, August 31, 2012

Countdown - 6 Days

More progress today.  I found my camera, so I should get some new pictures up tomorrow.

Painting is now done, as is varnishing on the rubrails and transom.  Some of the other brightwork is still a coat or two off, as are the spars.  I'm beginning to dislike brightwork.  ;-)  The companionway hood and dropboard retainers don't have any varnish on them yet, and I don't know what I'm going to do about that....those are now the critical path.   

I also got the boat licensed today, so I now have a WN number and a Hull ID number!

Tomorrow, my dad is come up to help.  We'll start installing the hull hardware, modify the trailer, and, of course, do more varnishing! 

They say you have to hate a boat to finish it.  I passed that point a few days ago.  It's really not so much hatred as an overwhelming sense of "I want this boat to be done NOW."

I'm also starting a list of pickup items...things that will have to be done, or redone...for after the festival.  Yikes!

Days until Wooden Boat Festival in Pt. Townsend: 6

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