Thursday, August 30, 2012

Countdown - 7 Days

This one's going to be close.  I am putting in long and hard hours trying to get my boat done in time for the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsed in a week.  Time is so tight right now that I've misplaced my official PocketShip camera and haven't had time to look for it, so no pictures this post.

Here's roughly where I am:
  • One coat of paint to go on the topsides...primer and several topcoats are done.
  • Varnishing of rubrails and transom are under way.  1-2 more coats to go.
  • Varnishing of spars is started, but only one coat on so far.
  • Tiller, tabernacle and grabrails have a coat of varnish on them.
  • Dropboard retainers have been cut out, one coat of epoxy on so far.
  • Fiberglassing of the companionway hatch and hood is done.  Sanding and finishing await.
  • Trailer has been purchased.  Modifications for PocketShip coming soon.
  • Installation of hull hardware and rigging awaits.
  • Boom gallows...something must be done about that!
  • Would be nice to launch and have a shakedown cruise before heading to Port Townsend.
  • Wiring will probably mostly be done during the Festival.
I've drawn up a Gnatt diagram of everything that must be done to get the boat on the water in time.  Right now, I have about a 2 day, well really 2 evening, buffer.  There are a number of things I know won't be done in time, mostly extra coats of varnish and work inside the cabin.  The boom gallows will be a sticky wicket in particular. I've accepted that I'll be taking some parts of the boat apart again after Port Townsend to finish those up. 


Days until Wooden Boat Festival in Pt. Townsend: 7

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