Saturday, September 1, 2012

Countdown - 5 Days

First, I've been getting behind in posting pictures, so here's a quick recap:

Installing the coaming around the companionway.

My tabernacle will be removable.  I didn't like that all of the load on the sides of the tabernacle had to be reacted through the screws/epoxy into the back of the tabernacle, and thence through the bolts into the front cabin bulkhead.  So, I decided to install what I'm calling "load reactors"  to the hull to help create an additional load path.

A blurry view of the "load reactors" by themselves.

Sealing the spars with epoxy
Gratuitous Mt. Rainier picture

Priming the topsides.

The trailer!

1st coat of varnish on the spars

Varnishing other brightwork

Topside painting complete.

Keel box on the trailer.
Today, we got the keel box built and attached to the trailer.  The bow eye also went into the boat, and the grabrails and dropboard retainers were installed.  The companionway hood 'n hatch have been sanded down, the hood installed, and a coat of varnish applied to both. They probably will need more varnish in the long run than they'll get before the show, but its now off the critical path.  The boom gallows and the dropboards are now the critical path items.  They'll get some attention tomorrow, but mostly tomorrow will be installing hardware and maybe even getting the boat on the trailer and starting rigging.


Dropboard retainers and sea hood installed
 I just realized that I haven't done the big reveal on the hull color yet.  I don't want to keep you in suspense, but I'd like to wait until I can get a good picture so that I can reveal it properly.

Five days?   Yikes!

Days until Wooden Boat Festival in Pt. Townsend: 5

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