Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Have You Seen the Light?

The have been several times, particularly earlier in the year when the daylight hours were less plentiful, that I had to cut a fun day sailing off because of failing sunlight.  And each time, I thought, "gee, if only I had the nav lights working, I could stretch this out another hour."  Well, now I can!  I finally broke out the wiring kit and now, the lights are working!

Starboard nav light.

I put the stern light up in the boom gallows.


  1. I apologize for blaming you but better you than me. I saw your dingy project and the next thing I know there is another stitch n' glue boat taking shape in my garage. This one is a 11' sailing dink. It's called a Spindrift 11 and is designed with the option to build it in two halves so it will nest on board. I'm not doing the nesting version. I explained to my wife that you made me do it.

    1. In the interests of marital harmony, I accept full responsibility. :-)