Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A View from the Top

One challenge is writing in putting together one a blog entry is to select appropriate photos.  After the first half dozen times out on the boat, I found that I kept taking, and thus including in the blog, pictures that looked an awful lot like this:

Over and over.  While there is nothing wrong with this photograph, I at least found this rather boring.  So, ever since I've started seeking out new and more adventurous camera angles.  Here's the latest:

Pretty cool, huh?  Check out the video too (thanks to Mark for giving me a how-to on embedding!):


  1. Hi John, don't know if you've figured out how to embed yet? It's actually quite easy. In YouTube, under your video you will see "about; Share; Add to". If you click share, the URL will come up in text box. Above it, you will see "Embed". Click it and a new, highlighted HTML code will appear. Simply hit CTRL C (or right-click and copy). Then simply paste the code into your post. Voila! :)

  2. No problem! You're very welcome. Oh and a thousand apologies for misspelling your name! Loving gaff-cam btw!

  3. Jon, I've read every word of your blog twice now and loving your style...best blog out there! This vid from above totally awesome! Through your words and pictures, I feel the smoothness of the wood and the dust down the back of my neck as you seek those fair lines. I zoom in on my smartphone and study every picture. Now using maps to see your sailing paths. Thanks so very very much for the efforts you have put into this blog

    1. Hi Roger, thanks for the kind words! I am glad you have enjoyed it.