Monday, October 25, 2010

I Think I Already Said "Getting Closer," But...'s true.  I have made substantial progress on the kayak and will be ready to start the endless process of sanding and finishing this week.  PocketShip construction could commence in as little as two weeks (three is more likely). 

I have not been idle on the PocketShip front, though.  I priced out everything in CLC's PocketShip Sailing Hardware Package at Fisheries Supply.  I found that I could beat CLC's price by about $100.  With state sales tax added into Fisheries' price, and accounting for shipping from CLC, the total cost is nearly identical.  Of course, if I license the boat, I'll have to pay sales tax on everything that I hadn't already paid sales tax on.  Plus, Fisheries Supply will probably have a sale before I need any of the hardware, so I'll wait until it goes on sale and see how that changes the picture.

The price on CLC's epoxy package can't be beat, though.  And I tried EVERYWHERE.  So, I'll be ordering that from them.  As soon too, if my build is really going to start in just a few weeks.

Other things I have been pondering...depth sounders, compasses, dust collection systems (my shop vac bit the epoxy-laced dust this weekend), and whether there are any nautical superstitions about the use of black walnut in boat construction.  I can think of some bits of PocketShip that would look great with walnut trim, but I've heard folks say that it is considered unlucky in boats.  Of course, I've also heardof lots of folks who haven't heard that one.  The jury is still out. 

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