Saturday, October 16, 2010

Getting Closer

Yesterday I had that "one good day" of boatbuilding I wanted and made some great progress on the Pygmy.  Soon she'll be done and Pocketship construction will begin. 

One of the advantages of having built a few boats before is that you find that you have a lot of clamps.

I have on the order of 50 clamps in use here....and what's worse, if I had 20 more, I could have used them all!  These clamps, and possible many more will be put to work on PocketShip

Also yesterday, I made my first PocketShip-specific purchase: a cheap pair of welding gloves to use when pouring the lead into the keel. 

This morning is too cold to work on the boat, so I'm going to go hiking.  I've got measures that I can take to enable cold-weather boatbuilding, but I'm not quite ready to break them out.  I'll probably be using all the cold weather tricks this winter once I start on PocketShip.

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