Friday, December 3, 2010

Jigsaws? Where we're goin', we don't need jigsaws.

My progress in laying out the final two dozen or so parts on the plywood has slowed considerably of late, largely due to Thanksgiving and other "hectic schedule." I did manage to take the pieces of plywood I've marked up so far out to the shop and cut out a bunch of parts. My newest ally in the sawdust wars was my circular saw.

I first tackled the cockpit/coaming side decks.  The manual says that a circular saw is good at cutting long gentle curves, so these parts seemed like good candidates.  So, I put a new carbide tipped blade on my saw and got to it.  Wow!  The cuts were remarkably accurate, fair and clean.  I cut the two partss separately instead of stacking two pieces of plywood and cutting them out at the same time.  After cutting them out, I put the two pieces back-to-back, et viola, as identical as can be.

Cutting out one of the cockpit side decks.

That worked so well at I decided to apply my circ' saw to the companionway and hood tops.  Those came out well too, and soon I was using that saw for any line on a part that was straight enough for the saw to handle.  I'd only switch to the jigsaw when quarters or corners got too tight.

Though I cut the rails separately I did stack a few other soon-to-be-identical parts before cutting, including the rudder sides and fore and aft keel sides.

Rudder halves, still clamped together after being cut out.  yes, I even used my circular saw on the straight bits of this.

 I spent maybe a total of two hours cutting out a bunch of parts.  I am looking forward to doing more, but thanks to work commitments, I probably won't able to get anything done for the next two-ish weeks.  Then it'll be close to Christmas, so realistically, it may be the New Year before much more gets done.

The parts are starting to pile up.

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