Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It Really Wasn't a Nice Day, Really

The other day I as at the local waterfront coffee shop.  It was a typical NW winter day.  Cool, gray, rainy.  No wind to speak of.  I overheard the guy in front of me say that he was about to meet his friends to go sailing.  I have to admit, my soul stirred...sailing, yes, sailing.  But then I looked at look at the weather.  It wasn't a nice day, it really wasn't.  This guy had to be nuts.  Sailing? In the rain?  With no wind?  But, still....mmm...sailing.  I couldn't help but wonder if maybe I am a wimp after all.

In other news, things are happening in the shop again!  I have done some touchup epoxy work and have started applying more coats of varnish to the spars.  I also got the outboard running again.  When the weather gets nicer or I become less wimpy, I may have a properly finished boat ready and waiting.

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