Sunday, September 2, 2012

Countdown - 4 Days

Lots of hardware went into the boat today, lots more to go.  I'd done a lot of careful pre-kitting on fasteners, kitting them in labelled Ziplock bags ("Mast," "Boom," "Portlights," "Rudder," etc.) so that this would go smoothly, but a couple of broken bolts and some nuts that were just the wrong size threw us off rhythm a bit.  The boat is still in the garage.

The dropboards and boom gallows will still be unfinished wood when (if?) they travel to Port Townsend.

Gotta get the boat on the trailer and get rigged pronto.  There's still tons of work to do.  YIKES!

Days until Wooden Boat Festival in Pt. Townsend: 4

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